Raising money for Jill by driving my tractor across Ontario, Canada.

About The Drive for Jill

Educating the next generation is our best advantage in the fight against cancer. I have been inspired to undertake the challenge of raising enough funds to help educate the children of a cancer victim. This is my story…….

In the winter of 2014, I was convalescing from hip replacement surgery and in the news was this 32year old local woman, Jillian O’Conner. She was 2 months pregnant and facing terminal cancer. To save her, they wanted to abort the fetus. She decided to take a chance and carry the baby to full term. She did give birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy whose smile lights up any room. His name is Declan which is my grandson’s name as well, hence my immediate interest. Jillian has terminal cancer and every day she is with us, is a gift. She and her husband David, have a 5-year-old daughter Myla, a 3-year-old son Landon and Declan (now 15 months old). This woman has the most amazing attitude after being faced with this devastating challenge.

Ottawa mom with incurable cancer gives birth to healthy baby (with video), February 10, 2015, Ottawa Citizen (a new window will open)

Anyone who knows Jillian, tells me, she is the most remarkable woman they have ever met. With her positive outlook she lives everyday to the fullest for her family, raising her 3 children with very little help from others. She undergoes chemo treatments without complaint and though tired after treatments she continues on. She is an inspiration to all.

My plan is to raise money through a road run across Ontario starting on May 10th in the spring of 2017.This is what makes my journey interesting…I am restoring a 1959 David Brown tractor that my neighbors’ Father bought new in 1959. It has spent its entire life never leaving the farm near Arnprior, Ontario. I had no idea 6 months ago that this was going to be my goal, but I am really moved by this story and feel I have to help. So, the plan is hatched. I will maintain and drive this tractor every day to cover as many kms as possible leaving Pakenham Ontario on May 10th which is Jillian’s birthday.

This is where you come in. I am hoping you are just as moved as I have been with this incredible woman’s story. I have set up a not for profit charity account with CIBC in order to raise funds to help Jillian’s family with out of pocket expenses and to help educate her 3 small children through the years. I have enlisted the help of family and friends and we are setting up a Website; going on social media; Facebook; twitter and using local news groups for day to day coverage of this event. It’s going to be big covering an amazing adventure. Your donation would be greatly appreciated and recognized. Sponsorships will be advertised loud and proud on the trailer I will be towing.

All donations are gratefully accepted and most sincerely appreciated.

With kindest Regards,
Michael Thompson

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